Overview of Technologies in Health TAPESTRY

Technology is a central part of the Health TAPESTRY approach. It allows members of a person’s circle of care to easily share information and stay better engaged with their community. Health TAPESTRY technology resources are designed to work with the technology already in place at primary care sites without requiring any system upgrades.

The specific needs of each community guide which technologies are used in a local Health TAPESTRY project. Typical Health TAPESTRY sites use technology that works together like this:

  • Before visiting a client, volunteers complete a training program. Part of that training program is available online through the  Volunteer Learning Centre (VLC)
  • When volunteers visit a client, they gather information about a person’s life, health and goals through a set of surveys. This is done with the TAP-App; a web-based survey tool accessed on a tablet. The TAP-App can be customized to match the needs of the community it is being used with.
  • The answers a client gives on the TAP-App are automatically compiled as a TAP-Report. This report is uploaded to any type of Electronical Medical Record (EMR) to be shared with the client’s health care team.
  • If the client needs help describing their social network and getting connected to community resources, a volunteer may complete the online GENIE tool with them to help with these aspects. When the volunteer and client have worked through GENIE, a report is given to the client.
  • A client may also have a kindredPHR (Personal Health Record) account. kindredPHR is an online personal health record that helps Health TAPESTRY clients track their health and wellness journey. Clients can invite other people, such as their health care team or family members, to see what is in their kindredPHR account and help them track information about their health.
  • During a visit, a volunteer can also share the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal as an online resource. This website has information for older adults about healthy, active, and engaged aging.