Health TAPESTRY Volunteers

Health TAPESTRY volunteers help extend the reach of our interprofessional health care teams. By being in the homes of our clients, we believe that volunteers can help those teams connect better with at-risk populations. Volunteers can do this by bringing information about clients to the interprofessional team and by helping those teams be more responsive to the needs of their clients. Volunteers can also play an important role in supporting clients to meet self-identified goals that could assist them with staying healthy longer.

What is a Health TAPESTRY Community Volunteer?

Volunteers can be important to the success of community programs. They give us another way to encourage people to get involved in their community, they can raise awareness about important issues and they help spread the word about programs like Health TAPESTRY.

Health TAPESTRY views volunteers as a very important part of a client’s circle of care. They are considered “health connectors,” who help connect clients, the health care system and the community. Health TAPESTRY volunteers are:

  • given the opportunity to engage clients according to their abilities, skills and talents;
  • trained and supported;
  • asked for their feedback, to help improve the Health TAPESTRY program;
  • involved in a program that hopes to improve primary health care locally and across Canada.

Become a Volunteer.

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