Researchers and Personnel

The Health TAPESTRY approach is being refined and developed through a continuing series of research projects. These projects study specific aspects of Health TAPESTRY with the goal of improving the possibilities for care through the approach.


Currently, the oversight of Health TAPESTRY is:

Executive Academic Lead

  • David Price



  • Practice Model Lead: Doug Oliver
  • Evaluation Lead: Dee Mangin
  • Operations and Digital Health Lead: Tracey Carr
  • Volunteer and Community Engagement Lead: Samina Talat
  • System Navigation Lead: Ruta Valaitis



  • Julie Datta
  • Larkin Lamarche
  • Pam Forsyth
  • Cathy Risdon
  • Lisa Dolovich


Other Current Collaborative Sites and Projects:

  • Integrated Care Pathways for Depression, Anxiety, and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Toronto & Hamilton, Ontario  (with CAMH)
  • Nick Kates
  • Carrie McAiney
  • Karen Saperson


Health TAPESTRY Staff:

Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

  • Julie Datta, Health TAPESTRY Ontario Program Manager
  • Jessica Gaber (née Peter), Health TAPESTRY Research/Program Coordinator
  • Larkin Lamarche, Health TAPESTRY Research Associate
  • Lynda Nash, Health TAPESTRY Administrative Assistant
  • Fiona Parascandalo, Health TAPESTRY Research Assistant
  • Stephanie Di Pelino, Health TAPESTRY Research Assistant


During 2013-2016, the oversight of Health TAPESTRY was:


  • Lisa Dolovich
  • Doug Oliver
  • David Price


Scientific Leads – Health TAPESTRY-Health Canada

  • Gina Agarwal
  • Tracey Carr
  • David Chan
  • Michelle Howard
  • Monika Kastner
  • Linda Lee
  • Dee Mangin
  • Daria O’Reilly
  • Alexandra Papaioannou
  • Jenny Ploeg
  • Parminder Raina
  • Julie Richardson
  • Cathy Risdon
  • Sharon Straus
  • Lehana Thabane
  • Ruta Valaitis


Lead Affiliates – Health TAPESTRY-Health Canada

  • Natasha Burke, support to Daria O’Reilly
  • Gary Foster, support to Lehana Thabane
  • Kathryn Gaebel, support to Daria O’Reilly
  • Lauren Griffith, support to Parminder Raina
  • Courtney Kennedy, support to Alexandra Papaioannou
  • P. Lina Santaguida, support to Parminder Raina
  • Karen Slonim, support to Linda Lee


Health TAPESTRY with Health Connectors for Diabetes Management (Health TAPESTRY-HC-DM) – an INSPIRE-PHC Project; Co-Investigators

  • Gina Agarwal (Co-PI)
  • Lisa Dolovich (Co-PI)
  • Lori Letts
  • Claire Liddy
  • Dee Mangin
  • Doug Oliver
  • Daria O’Reilly
  • Jenny Ploeg
  • Graham Reid
  • Julie Richardson
  • Bridget Ryan
  • Ruta Valaitis


Collaborative Sites of Health TAPESTRY-Health Canada, 2013-2016:


  • Alex Papaioannou (PI)
  • Lisa Dolovich
  • Doug Oliver
  • Courtney Kennedy
  • George Ioannidis
  • Larkin Lamarche


  • Dee Mangin (PI)


Home-ViVE (Home Visits to Vancouver’s Elders), Vancouver, BC

  • Martin Dawes
  • Margaret McGregor
  • Melody Munro
  • Jay Slater
  • John Sloan
  • Johanna Trimble


Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan

  • Wesley Ballantyne
  • Shirley Bighead
  • Willie Ermine
  • Shari McKay
  • Norma Rabbitskin
  • Vivian Ramsden


AccessHealth, Montréal, Québec (McGill University)

  • Gillian Bartlett
  • Tamara Carver
  • Doaa Farid
  • Nina Mamishi
  • Mark Roper
  • Ellen Rosenberg


TAP-BPS (Health TAPESTRY with BETTER Prevention Services), Newfoundland and Alberta

  • Carolina Aguilar
  • Kris Aubrey
  • Richard Cullen
  • Donna Manca


Community Ward project, KW4 Health Link, Kitchener-Waterloo-Wellesley-Wilmot-Woolwich, Ontario

  • Linda Lee
  • Karen Slonim
  • Kelly Niall
  • Lindsay Donaldson