Info for Clients

“I was invited to join Health TAPESTRY”

The Health TAPESTRY approach is used in different locations across Canada. As we work to grow Health TAPESTRY, we are bringing more people in as clients. Local sites have specific information about the way they are using Health TAPESTRY and what that means for clients.

Here are some frequently asked questions from clients about Health TAPESTRY.

Why did my doctor ask me to take part?

Your health care team has decided to use the Health TAPESTRY approach and they thought you might benefit from getting involved. You can always choose not to take part in Health TAPESTRY.

How is my health care team involved?

If you have been asked to participate, your health care team is part of the Health TAPESTRY Collaborative. Your doctor and the rest of your health care team have agreed to take part in Health TAPESTRY.

Who are the volunteers?

The Health TAPESTRY volunteers have been screened (police background checks, up-to-date immunization records) and received extensive volunteer training . They come from volunteer organizations in your local community, for example, the Canadian Red Cross.

What will the volunteers do?

Health TAPESTRY Volunteers will visit you at home and ask you questions about your health and health-related goals. They will also support you in reaching these goals as part of the program.

How many visits will there be with the volunteers?

The number of visits by the volunteers will depend on your needs and your schedule.

How will I schedule a visit?

Visits are scheduled by the volunteer coordinator. This person will call you to set up a time that works best for you.

Can I cancel a visit?

Yes. You can cancel a visit anytime by contacting the volunteer coordinator.

Does this replace my health care appointments?

No. Please continue with your normal health care visits. Book the appointments as you normally would.

If I agree to be part of Health TAPESTRY, can I change my mind?

Yes. You can stop participating at any time. Please call the volunteer coordinator to withdraw.

Will my doctor know if I change my mind?

Your doctor is not directly informed about your participation, even if you cancel, but they may be aware of whether or not you are a part of Health TAPESTRY. Even if you change your mind, you will get the same health care as before.

Will my name and personal information be shared with anyone?

Your name and personal information will only be shared with people that you agree can access your information. These people might be your health care team; researchers, if you agree to be part of a Health TAPESTRY research study; or volunteers, if you agree to see Health TAPESTRY volunteers.

How will the privacy of my health information be ensured?

All information that volunteers collect is protected and stored using secure technology. Your name and any information that you share cannot be seen outside of the Health TAPESTRY team and volunteer coordinator.

Is there a cost to me?

No, there are no costs to participate.