What is a TAPESTRY Trained Community Volunteer?

TAPESTRY seeks to optimize how health care teams can better deliver health care so that it is more responsive to the needs of our aging population. It is our hope to reach out to older adults in their homes, by partnering with trained community volunteers. We believe that volunteers could play a central role in supporting clients to meet self-identified goals that could assist them with staying healthy longer.

Volunteers are critical to the success of community outreach programs. They provide a unique opportunity to encourage community involvement, engage and raise awareness about current issues and innovative programs such as the TAPESTRY Project.

The TAPESTRY team values volunteers as integral members of the team and will:

  • Provide volunteer opportunities to engage individuals according to their abilities, skills and talents
  • Provide training and support to work effectively
  • Seek input from volunteers to assist with planning and program evaluation
  • Encourage volunteers to develop within the Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University and support volunteers to become involved and contribute in ways beyond their initial roles


It is our hope that working with volunteers in the community will improve the lives of older adults and create a healthy and sustainable healthcare community.